Saturday, May 03, 2008

Infosys may be forced to change name in France

Indian IT giant Infosys may have to change its name in France, as a court there has found its use of this name infringing the trademark as well as business and corporate identities of another firm 'Infosys France'.

While noting that it may be forced to operate under some other trade name in France, Nasdaq-listed Infosys Technologies said in a regulatory filing here that it has sought a stay on the court ruling and is planning to appeal against it.

The Bangalore-headquartered company, which is present across a host of countries, said a civil court in Bobigny, France, ruled on April 15, that its use of the name "Infosys" constituted infringement of the trademark, corporate name and trade name "Infosys France" in that country.

The ruling added that the Indian IT major could not use the same name in France as a trademark, corporate name, trade name and domain name "with immediate effect."

According to Infosys Technologies' regulatory filing, it has two sales and marketing offices in France.

"Infosys France" is a technology and consulting firm- based in France and is part of an integrated management consulting services provider "Groupe Infodis."

"Although we have appealed against the ruling and have sought a stay on the decision of the civil court, failure to obtain a stay..., or an adverse final ruling, may force us to operate under a different trade name and could adversely affect our operations in France," Indian firm said.

Infosys added that the ruling in France, or a similar ruling in any jurisdiction where it operates, "could disrupt our ongoing business, distract our management and employees, and affect our future business."