Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Website Templates

Tired of seeing the same website templates online? There is a website which provides well designed pre-made templates for the websites. This website provides different types of templates called flash templates, html templates, and website templates.

Website Templates

Website templates
can actually be modified to look completely different from the original using only its foundation. You have the ability to import your own graphics and sounds. If you are code savvy, you can modify that as well. You don't like the placement of the buttons or panels? Import your own layout whether it be Photoshop or within Flash. So what can't be changed? Everything can be changed, that's the beauty of open-source files we provide. We do NOT charge extra for the source, it comes included with the purchase.

HTML Templates

These HTML templates come pre-coded. All hyperlinks are ready to to linked to another document, and images are already prepared so you can replace them easily within your website. The Members Login and Subscribe sections have also been coded already, all you need to do is change the variables such as password, and subscribe email to your own. The hard part was already done for you, just add in your own text and images.

Get the templates you want.