Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Section 80c

Earlier I have published Tax Planning for 2009 - Part 1. The previous post explains the basic stuff on tax savings using the home loans and the fixed deposit schemes. It doesn’t look into any specific section of the income tax act. This part of the article will be looking into section 80c of the income tax act. Section 80c is the important provisions and provide maximum of Rs.100000 savings under this section alone. So, it is better every one to understand the different options available under section 80c. Total amount of Rs.100000 can be divided into many different investments based on your interest and the financial status. I will explore the various options inside this particular section 80c and suggest you the investment plans. I would like to answer all your queries, please post it in the comments section. You can subscribe to our future articles here.

Tax Planning for 2009 - Part 2