Monday, May 05, 2008

Mobile Phone Accessories: Increasing the Functionality of Cell phones

In the past few years mobile phones have increasingly been taking over from land lines, which has led mobile phone manufacturers to work extra hard to compete with one another to be the mobile phone of choice. As the world gets more and more busy, streamlining seems to be the key requirement of most people. And what could be more streamlined than one phone and one number, rather than two? Well, how about one phone which functions as a camera or a music player as well?

When the multi-functioning iPhone was launched it upped the ante considerably and more and more mobile phone users now expect multi-functionality from their mobile phone that goes way beyond the now commonplace camera phone. One simple way to increase the multi-functionality of your mobile phone, without investing in an iPhone, is with mobile phone accessories .

However, there are at least as many accessories as there are mobile phones. For example:

  1. Cases and skins to protect the phone from scratches and bumps and to personalize the phone
  2. Games
  3. Antenna boosters, to enhance signal reception
  4. Ringtones
  5. Radiation shields
  6. Bluetooth accessories, which enable the user to make and receive calls via a cordless device in the ear
  7. Data cables, which enable the transference of data between mobile phone and computer
  8. Battery chargers, hands-free kits and batteries
  9. Speaker phone kits
  10. Travel chargers, which allow calls even if the cell battery needs to be charged.

Obviously, which of these you choose depends, as always, on your individual needs and requirements, as well as compatibility with your particular mobile phone. Generally, the more advanced the phone the more accessories and features it can support.

And don’t think that mobile phone accessories are the poor relation to phones that already come with all the features; the beauty of increasing the multi-functionality of your mobile phone with mobile phone accessories is that if one feature stops working you can replace just that feature without having to replace the entire phone.


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