Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Seagate puts a padlock on drive data

The Seagate technology called DriveTrust encrypts all data written to the disk, making it accessible only to users who have the correct password when the computer is hard booted.

The 128-bit encryption technology has been welcomed by notebook users, in the light of a number of recent high profile thefts of notebooks containing sensitive data in the US Government.More>>

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Why vivek paul quit Wipro?

On May 5, Wipro vice chairman Vivek Paul walked into the second floor Bangalore offices of Wipro executive vice president (human resources), Pratik Kumar. The meeting was unscheduled.

Paul told Kumar about a certain sense of 'restlessness' that had seized him lately. He disclosed how he 'was evaluating to do something else'. Kumar thought Paul was at a stage 'where he wanted to make a decision'.

After the conversation, Kumar lost no time in speaking to Wipro chairman Azim Premji on what had transpired between him and Paul. Premji seemed to be aware of what was going on in Paul's mind. He simply expressed his quiet disappointment to Kumar.More>>

Wipro Roars

When Premji took over his father's business it was anything but global. It had about 350 employees, mostly in and around Bombay, and just $3 million in revenues. The company was publicly traded, and not long after Premji assumed control he faced shareholders for the first time at the annual meeting. Premji, who was self-conscious about his age, had grown a mustache in an effort to add some gravitas. But restless investors weren't impressed. One stood up to complain about the stock's lousy performance and demanded that Premji sell the company. ``'There's no way a twit like you can run it,''' Premji recalls him saying. ``More than anything else, that made me determined to prove him wrong,'' says Premji.More>>

Friday, October 27, 2006

Leading Infosys 2.0

Leadership in transition is a particularly painful time for companies. But not for Infosys and Nandan Manohar Nilekani. This year's Dataquest IT Man Of The Year continues to take Infosys and the Indian outsourcing story to new heights.More>>

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oracle unveils new apps, Linux support program

Oracle Corp. has unveiled a new version of its Oracle E-Business Suite of business applications and a support program for the Red Hat Linux operating system.

The E-Business Suite 12 software adds features to help worldwide operations more easily consolidate data, said John Wookey, senior vice president of application development at Oracle. The new version was introduced during the company's OpenWorld user conference here this week.

Oracle E-Business Suite 12 offers easier deployment than Version 11i and includes tools to help users more easily execute profitability analysis by channel or product line, Wookey said. The updated E-Business Suite also adds a Web service repository and links to Oracle's Fusion middleware, the company said.

The new release will begin shipping within a year, Oracle said.More>>

Web Browser Faceoff

The last few weeks have been packed with browser action and the two market leaders, Internet Explorer and Firefox, have launched major new versions. So to round out our recent browser coverage, we present the Web Browser Faceoff - looking at how all the main browsers compare with each other in terms of features and innovation. We are basically looking for what is unique, interesting - and missing - in each browser.

Right now Microsoft still holds onto its huge market lead, but Firefox is gaining more ground every month. Probably more importantly, there are other major innovators in the browser space - such as the social browser Flock (a Read/WriteWeb sponsor) and the perennial innovator Opera. The Mac browser Safari of course has many passionate supporters, while new kid Maxthon is one to watch.

Regardless of who will prevail in the 'browser 2.0 wars', the users will win. While fighting each other, the browser makers innovate and simplify. They increase our productivity by integrating into the browser web concepts such as search, RSS, OPML, microformats and more. The core browsers are getting slimmer and faster, while extensions that cover a wide range of services are being developed by external parties.More>>

Sun CEO: Java open source in 30-60 days

Sun Microsystem will announce the open-sourcing of the core Java platform in 30 to 60 days, said Sun President/CEO Jonathan Schwartz at the Oracle OpenWorld conference on Wednesday morning.

Java will be offered via an open source format under an OSI-approved (Open Source Initiative) license similar to the one used for open-sourcing of the Solaris OS, he said during a keynote presentation.

Sun officials have talked about Java being offered via open source in stages later this year and into 2007.

Google zooms past IBM

INTERNET advertising giant Google has surpassed IBM to become the world's third most valuable technology company, trailing only behind software giant Microsoft and network leader Cisco.More>>

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Indian Summer of Linux

In recent weeks attention has focused on rapidly growing markets in the developing world where the relative absence of legacy computing systems, makes the choice more interesting. India is on the radar of dozens of software service providers, waiting and watching, which way large spenders will jump. And the media has caught on to the excitement:

`Linux spreads its wings in India' reported Business Week earlier this month, with Nandini Lakshman reporting that eight state governments here have put their treasury operations on Linux systems, while Maharashtra is fuelling its revamped health care system on Open Source systems.

Pankaj Mishra writes in the September 30 issue of CTO Forum that 18 of 28 Indian states have embraced Linux in some form or are running pilot e-governance schemes.

The `Open Source Symposium' and Red Hat Developer Day on successive days in Bangalore last week, provided another opportunity to assess to what extent the Penguin's Progress across India is the unstoppable march many watchers seem to suggest.More>>

Firefox2 Launched

The Mozilla Corporation has officially released Mozilla Firefox 2 for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Firefox 2 now with a refreshed user interface, anti-phishing protection, improvements to the built-in search feature, tabbed browsing changes, the ability to restore an interrupted session, better support for Web feeds, inline spell-checking, support for microsummaries and a number of other enhancements. Get it now!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Chicago selects Red Hat to help improve services provided to citizens

The world's leading provider of open source solutions to the enterprise today announced the City of Chicago's successful migration to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for essential government programs including the vehicle registration system online job applications restaurant inspections ethics training and more. The City of Chicago migrated to Red Hat in order to reduce costs and improve support performance and scalability. The city has already saved more than $250 000 and is reducing server hardware maintenance and operating costs as a result of Oracle's certification and support infrastructure on Red Hat.More>>

Friday, October 20, 2006

Coimbatore, India's rising IT powerhouse

When M Karunanidhi, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, handed over the documents for land in Coimbatore to Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro, and unveiled the model IT Park to be built in the city, a new chapter in the development of Tier-2 cities started in the state.

Accepting the documents, TCS CEO S Ramadorai said that a recent study by Indicus Analytics found Coimbatore to be the best city in South India for investment.

He added, "As a matter of fact, I was in Coimbatore recently, where I met with the student community, academia and businessmen. My experience was an eye opener. Engineering students quizzed me on financial markets while businessmen discussed with me at length on strategies of Google and IBM."

"There was a lot of energy and enthusiasm. The point I'm making is that there is a passionate, well informed and ambitious community of people. I saw a potential ecosystem in action," he added.

TCS has opened a software engineering lab in PSG College of Engineering in Coimbatore. TCS also has an Engineering Centre of Excellence especially for SMEs. By collaborating with small and medium enterprises, Ramadorai said, TCS would be unlocking the potential to bring their innovations to the world.More>>

The success stories of TCS

Subramanium Ramadorai, also known as Ram, joined Tata Consultancy Services or TCS in 1972. Instrumental in setting up TCS' operations in New York in 1979, Ramadorai took over as the CEO in 1996 and since then he has played an integral role in building TCS into India's first $1 billion IT services company.More>>

How IITians aim to transform India?

It will be payback time for the country's most talented minds -- the stars from Indian Institutes of Technology -- when they meet for three days in Mumbai in December. PanIIT 2006, an umbrella organisation of IITians, has scheduled the annual alumni conference from December 23 to December 25.

This time a record 5,000 IITians are expected to participate in the convention, many of them from overseas.More>>

Apple iPhone Early Next Year?

Speculation is rife that Apple Computer is going to launch two iPhone models early next year. There are reports doing the rounds that the company has officially filed for the "iPhone" trademark.

The two iPhone models include a smart phone and a slim music phone that will be launched in conjunction with Cingular, a US mobile network operator. One of the models will include wireless (WiFi) connectivity, and a keyboard for messaging.

Reportedly, the Apple trademark filed under a South East Asian trademark on 15 September, includes several categories, such as music player, mobile phone, and video game machine.

According to reports, the smart phone version is under development for over 12 months now, and has been successful in overcoming ample challenges including design, interference, battery life, and other technical glitches.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wipro Q2 net profit rises 46 p.c.

The net profit of Wipro for the second quarter (July-September) rose by 46 per cent to Rs. 700.20 crore from Rs. 478 crore in the same period a year earlier in a booming global outsourcing market. The consolidated revenues of Wipro for the second quarter went up by 41 per cent to Rs. 3,546.20 crore from Rs. 2,506.80 crore a year ago, as it added 54 new clients that included Global 500 or Fortune 1000 clients.

The third largest software exporter, thus, earned $589 million from global IT services and products during the second quarter, surpassing its own guidance of $577 million.

Wipro Technologies contributed higher to the volume growth in the second quarter by garnering revenues of Rs. 2,720.50 crore, 44 per cent more than a year ago period.

Revenues of Wipro Infotech grew by 36 per cent to Rs. 542.60 crore, while that of Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting rose by 41 per cent to Rs. 202.50 crore.More>>

Apple profits soar on iPod demand

Global demand for the iPod music player and other Apple products helped the technology firm boost profits by 27% to $546m (£292m) in the fourth quarter.
Apple Computer shipped more than eight and half million iPods for sale during the period, up 35% on a year ago.
Combined with strong sales of PCs and laptops, Apple's international sales now account for 40% of its turnover.
Chief executive Steve Jobs said the past year was one of "extraordinary" progress for the company.More>>

India's Telecom Sector Growing Exponentially

The mobile phone industry in India is growing rapidly and has even left China behind by some measures, whereas wireless operators are competing for the available and expanding spectrum. A record 5.9 Million new mobile phone subscribers were drawn by the Telecom sector in India in the month of August 2006, according to the COAI ( Cellular Operators Association of India ).

While India witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of mobile subscription, the number of mobile subscribers in China, for the first time, went below that of India in the month of August 2006, according to COAI.

RNCOS has recently published a report named "Indian Telecom Sector Analysis ( 2006-2007 )". The report provides extensive research and objective analysis of the Telecommunication Sector in India. More>>

HP regains spot as No. 1. Dell dropped to No.2

Hewlett-Packard leapfrogged over Dell to recapture the lead as the No. 1 PC maker worldwide for the first time in almost three years, according to Gartner.

The analyst firm said Wednesday that HP edged out Dell by a mere 110,000 units shipped in the third quarter. Rival PC market trackers at IDC found HP had a larger volume of PCs by 28,000, which that firm called "a statistical tie." More>>

Google Nabs Yahoo India's CTO

Google has hired Yahoo India's chief technology officer, Prasad Bhaarat Ram, and placed him in charge of research and development in Bangalore.The high-profile recruitment comes less than two weeks after Google nabbed AOL's top AIM developer. Google has also proven adept at poaching high-profile employees from Microsoft.More>>

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sony Takes On iPod with Noise-Canceling Tech

Sony has unveiled a digital-music player with a built-in noise-canceling feature, a technology that the company claims is superior to the noise-muffling headphones available with some players.The company believes that by embedding the functionality directly into its NW-S700F Walkman players, it has created a new category of music player and developed a device that has significantly better sound quality than competing players, including Apple's ubiquitous iPod.More>>

IceWeasel - GNU version of the Firefox browser

FireFox isn’t “open source” enough, and thus IceWeasel was born, a separate version of the geek-popular web browser with a different name and logo.More>>

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Office 2.0 Conference Showcases the Future of Office Productivity

What is Office 2.0?
Imagine a computer that never crashes, or gets infected by a virus. Imagine a computer onto which you never have to install any application. Imagine a computer that follows you wherever you go, be it at school, at work, abroad, or back home. This computer does not exist today, but it will in the future, and this future might be much closer than you think.More>>

Google, BEA in enterprise portal mashup talks

Google and BEA Systems are in talks about partnering on a new initiative that will let organizations create mashups between enterprise portals and applications such as Google Maps. As part of the partnership, BEA will get access to some of Google's hidden application programming interfaces (APIs), which will allow developers to create mashups using a new technology feature in BEA's WebLogic Portal, called Adrenaline.The Adrenaline technology enables portal applications to run on other Web sites outside the portal framework, using AJAX and iFrames Web development techniques, while still managing it as part of the portal.More>>

Synch your data across the Web

Sharpcast Photos is Web-connected desktop software, but with an online browser-based version too. It allows you to back up your web albums online, keep your photos in sync across multiple PCs, sync comments (called "Photo Chat"), and manage your photos offline. Sharpcast labels all this "continuous multi-way synchronization" - which is a fancy way of saying that it keeps your PC in sync with the web and optionally with your mobile phone.More>>

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Firefox gains market share

New browser usage statistics are out for September, and they're showing some interesting changes in browser market share. Internet Explorer, which has been the market share king for many years now, has been falling steadily since the launch of Firefox 1.0 and has now reached its lowest point in over two years at 82.10 percent. Firefox, on the other hand, has been growing steadily, reaching 12.46 percent market share. Safari holds its third place spot, but sees increasing numbers as well at 3.53 percent.More>>

Google integrated Writely and Spreadsheets

Today google has released it integrated version of writely and spreadsheets. Google has updated its user interface to its own style. Previously its using writely.com site to access the documents.More>>

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

zoho : online office suite

There is so many online office suites available in the market.This week zoho integrated its produtcts into singl-sign-on(SSO). It looks better than google's products writely,google spreadsheets,etc. I am trying zoho sheets, its lot better than google's spread sheets. Will this application get the attention of google guys? what will be their reaction? Also they have included online presentation tool. That is missing in the google's line of products. Links>>

Kerala government to use Linux everywhere

Linux or open source seems to thrive wherever Left governments rule. And as Kerala schools log Microsoft out and boot open source systems, Linux world is buzzing with excitement over possibilities in the communist-ruled states. Though West Bengal and Tripura have to go whole hog to adopt a free software model, ideological closeness is more than evident.More>>

Monday, October 09, 2006

Google To Acquire YouTube for $1.65 Billion

Google announced today that it has agreed to acquire YouTube, the consumer media company for people to watch and share original videos through a Web experience, for $1.65 billion in a stock-for-stock transaction. Following the acquisition, YouTube will operate independently to preserve its successful brand and passionate community.More>>

Google is getting ready for Office?

I have been reading many blogs talking about the Google Office suite. But, I never come across the user interface for Google Office. Today morningI read one interesting blog it gives the better info about the Google Office and its look and feel. It looks more impressive and the name RS confused me. What does meant for "RS"?. Here i am posting screenshots which i got from that blog. It could be rumour but some time later google will relerase it's own Office Suite. let's wait and see!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

National portal of India

This is the National Portal of India, developed with an objective to enable a single window access to information and services being provided by the various Indian Government entities. The content in this Portal is the result of a collaborative effort of various Indian Government Ministries and Departments, at the Central/State/District level. This Portal is Mission Mode Project under the National E-Governance Plan.More>>

Thursday, October 05, 2006

IIT among world's 100 best universities

The Indian Institute of Technology has joined the premier league of best universities in the world. According to the rankings compiled by the Times Higher Education Supplement , published on Thursday, India’s premier science and technology education centre is ranked No.57 in the global list.

American and British universities comprised nearly half of the top 100 universities in the world.

United States led the way with 33 universities in the top 100, while Britain ranked second with 15. Australia and the Netherlands were next with seven each, while Switzerland and France followed with five. Hong Kong, Japan, Canada and Germany each had three to their credit.

China and India, the world's two most populous countries, had two apiece, along with Singapore, New Zealand and Belgium. Denmark, South Korea, Mexico, Ireland, Austria and Russia all had one university in the top 100. More>>

1) Harvard University (United States)
2) University of Cambridge (Britain)
3) University of Oxford (Britain)
4) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)
4) Yale University (United States)
6) Stanford University (United States)
7) California Institute of Technology (United States)
8) University of California at Berkeley (United States)
9) Imperial College London (Britain)
10) Princeton University (United States)
11) University of Chicago (United States)
12) Columbia University (United States)
13) Duke University (United States)
14) Beijing University (China)
15) Cornell University (United States)
16) Australian National University (Australia)
17) London School of Economics (Britain)
18) Ecole Normale Superieure (France)
19) National University of Singapore (Singapore)
19) University of Tokyo (Japan)
21) McGill University (Canada)
22) University of Melbourne (Australia)
23) Johns Hopkins University (United States)
24) Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland)
25) University College London (United Kingdom)
33) University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
46) University of Auckland (New Zealand)
54) University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
57) Indian Institute of Technology (India)
58) Universitaet Heidelberg (Germany)
63) Seoul National University (South Korea)
67) Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands)
74) University Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (Mexico)
76) Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium)
78) Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)
87) University of Vienna (Austria)
93) Moscow State University (Russia)

Search for Source codes

Today google launched code search. we can search the millions of source codes from the internet. Also provides advance search for narrowing the search to particular languages Java, C ,C++, etc. Search Codes>>

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Google literacy Project

Search engine Google has launched a portal to connect literacy organisations around the world.The Literacy Project enables teachers, organisations, and those interested in literacy to use the internet to search for and share literacy information.The new online service was announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany. Google literacy >>

The new Google Groups

Today google updated its Google Groups beta version. The new version has lot of new features including creating web page, uploading files and modified user interface. The new version will make most of the yahoo groups owners thinking about moving to google groups. me too..Google Groups>>

New York gets a mini Googleplex

Following a year of speculation, Google has finally opened its new office in the Big Apple at 111 Eighth Ave., in the heart of the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan, New York.

Google will occupy about 300,000 square feet on three floors of the building. Built in 1932 for the New York Port Authority, the building is home to such companies as Global Crossing and Barnesandnoble.com. It is the second-largest building in Manhattan in terms of square footage.More Photos>>

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mustang reaches build 100

Java 6.0 the code named Mustang is releasing its 100th build for its beta version this week. List of builds and fixes history.

Take browser settings anywhere : Google Sync

One of my favorite tool from Google Labs is Google Sync. Synchronizing the browser setting across multiple computers. If you are moving around diiferent location and working on the different computers, you will get worry about the bookmarks,cookies,etc. which you have created in the previous location. When you install browser in the another computer you would think about is there any way to get all the browser settings to the newly installed browser. It seems google thinks in the same way. They releases Google Sync, a tool will save all the bookmarks,cookies,passwords,etc. in your browser. What you have to do is install it in your FireFox browser and login using GMail user id. Atpresent this feature is available only for FireFox. Whenever you login to the browser, Google Syn will update the bookmarks,cookies,etc, from the Google server.Start Sync>>

Java and Vista not playing well together

Among the wrinkles still to be ironed out of Microsoft's Windows Vista before the long-awaited client operating system goes gold is the tendency of Vista's shiny new "glass" UI to balk at Java-based applications.more>>