Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Website Templates

Tired of seeing the same website templates online? There is a website which provides well designed pre-made templates for the websites. This website provides different types of templates called flash templates, html templates, and website templates.

Website Templates

Website templates
can actually be modified to look completely different from the original using only its foundation. You have the ability to import your own graphics and sounds. If you are code savvy, you can modify that as well. You don't like the placement of the buttons or panels? Import your own layout whether it be Photoshop or within Flash. So what can't be changed? Everything can be changed, that's the beauty of open-source files we provide. We do NOT charge extra for the source, it comes included with the purchase.

HTML Templates

These HTML templates come pre-coded. All hyperlinks are ready to to linked to another document, and images are already prepared so you can replace them easily within your website. The Members Login and Subscribe sections have also been coded already, all you need to do is change the variables such as password, and subscribe email to your own. The hard part was already done for you, just add in your own text and images.

Get the templates you want.

Microsoft directors meet to sweeten Yahoo bid

Microsoft Corp's directors are meeting to consider raising the software maker's $41.9 billion (euro27 billion) bid for Yahoo Inc instead of pursuing a threatened hostile takeover attempt, according to a published report.

A decision could emerge after the meeting, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing unnamed people familiar with the matter.

Microsoft also is weighing withdrawing its bid a move likely to cause a precipitous drop in Yahoo's stock, which has been bolstered by the 3-month-old takeover bid.

If Yahoo's stock deteriorated during the next few months, Microsoft could return with another bid that would be more difficult to turn down.

Investors have been eagerly awaiting word of Microsoft's next move since Yahoo let pass an April 26 deadline for accepting the offer More Details>>

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Funny videos, pictures and jokes

Funny quotes quotes are a common phenomenon online. But some of them are “dirty” quotes that children should not be exposed to. Finally, there is a website that caters to your getting funny quotes on a daily basis. These funny quotes are guaranteed to be “clean” and can be read by everyone in any age bracket. is a website that has eight updated You Tube videos, funny quotes and pictures. All these are made available on a daily basis. The website is open to all age groups, therefore there is no fear of “dirty” content on it. You can also view YouTube videos, funny pictures and jokes on the website.

Credit card rate hike from Halifax

The Halifax has recently contacted customers to inform them that their credit card interest rate is being hiked up, and in some cases credit card customers of the bank have seen huge rises in their interest rate. Many could end up paying around 5% more in interest on their credit cards, and this is despite the two recent base rate cuts applied by the Bank of England. The Halifax is one of a number of 0% credit card providers that seems to be passing on the cost of the credit crunch to customers through increased fees and rates.

Recently Egg caused outrage by withdrawing the credit card facilities of 161,000 customers, stating that the customers were a bad credit risk. However, it was revealed that many had never missed a repayment and had good credit, fuelling speculation that Egg had in fact withdrawn the facilities of those with good credit because they did not make enough profit from them. The higher borrowing costs for banks resulting from the global credit crunch also seem to have been passed on to the customer through raised fees and charges.

However, customers are being urged to contact the Halifax if they have been a customer with the bank for a fair amount of time, have not missed repayments on their credit card, and have a good credit history, as in some cases the bank may be able to reverse the interest rate hike and revert the card back to its original rate. One customer explained that the bank raised his card rate from 10.9% to 15.9% for no apparent reason, and having been with the Halifax for eight years and never missing a payment on his card he contacted the bank. After the phone call the Halifax agreed to drop his interest rate back down to 10.9%.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bet with Bet365

Bet365 is the division devoted to betting online and telephone bet365 Group Limited, one of the leading companies in the UK in the field of betting and online gaming. Our company is in possession of a valid license for the year in the United Kingdom since 1974 and has over 600 employees

It operates a call center and an Internet service (based in Stoke-on-Trent) active 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7 and for which they make use more than 500,000 customers in 120 different countries. The website is available in ten different languages, with a customer service tailor made for each language

In addition to our sportsbook for sports betting, bet365 offers the opportunity to play with our platforms for high-quality casino and poker. And to make everything even easier, with the universal account you can use all our products with the same username, password and method of payment. Bet365 same like BWIN Bookmaker is one of the top bookmaker companies on the betting market.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Looking for free images?

I have lost count of the number of sites that promise free graphics and then find that they don't exist when you visit the site. Many of these sites either link to other sites who promise free graphics or there are so many restrictions on the use of their images that it isn't worth bothering.

Well now there is a free site that really has free images and that is The graphics on this site are available for immediate download, there is no need to subscribe, there is no need to link back (although I do anyway with some of the pictures I use) and the terms of use are very simple. You can do whatever you want with the images except give away or resell them on sites similar to theirs

The site has thousands of free images which include photographs, backgrounds, logos, textures and much much more.

Give them a try I know that you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hibernate Vs EJB 3.0

The J2EE field is agog with excitement about a very popular open-source technology , Hibernate , being elevated to the status of JCP standard. Feedback from J2EE programmers in industry says that knowledge of Hibernate is mandatory for all J2EE aspirants. In this short tutorial , the author attempts to trace the reasons for this new trend & to alert us , to the imminent and dramatic changes in the J2EE landscape. read full article

AJAX - Conversation with an Ajaxian [ Sample Chapter ]

Ajax is a relatively new approach to Web development. Since it is neither a new tool nor a different technology, and neither a new language it requires a different style for you to master it, or to be an Ajaxian. A conversational style has been used to help you understand the nuances of Ajax. read full article

What is OpenLaszlo?

Ajax is a relatively new approach to Web development. Since it is neither a new tool nor a different technology, and neither a new language it requires a different style for you to master it, or to be an Ajaxian. A conversational style has been used to help you understand the nuances of Ajax. read full article

Templates in Groovy

In this article, we will expose the various APIs for processing Templates in Groovy. A template can be thought of some static content along with some well-defined place-holders. These templates can be re-used any number of times by simply copying it and substituting the place-holders with some appropriate values. The first section of the article concentrates on the various types of Template Engines available in Groovy. And the later section of the article guides you in using the Template API. This is not an introductory article about Groovy, so novice readers can read the introductory article Introductory Article on Groovy before continuing with this article. read full article

Closures in Groovy

In this article, let us look into one of the important features supported in Groovy, the Closures. Groovy is an object-oriented scripting language in which the syntax resembles Java. Not all languages support the concept of Closures directly, although they may provide indirect support, that too with so many limitations and restrictions. This article will make you familiar with the concepts of Closures and will provide considerable amount of code snippets to make the understanding clearer. This article assumes that the reader is having sufficient knowledge in Groovy Programming and first-time readers may look into the Introductory Article on Groovy before proceeding with this article. Read Full Article

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Microsoft Gives Yahoo Deadline on Offer

Microsoft set the clock ticking for Yahoo to accept its $41 billion buyout offer in a letter to the Internet pioneer's board Saturday, warning that if a deal wasn't reached by April 26 the software maker would launch a hostile takeover at a less attractive price.

"If we have not concluded an agreement within the next three weeks, we will be compelled to take our case directly to your shareholders, including the initiation of a proxy contest to elect an alternative slate of directors for the Yahoo board," wrote Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer.

"If we are forced to take an offer directly to your shareholders, that action will have an undesirable impact on the value of your company from our perspective which will be reflected in the terms of our proposal," he wrote.

A Yahoo spokeswoman declined to comment Saturday.

In the letter, Ballmer said Yahoo's search share and page views, two measures of the strength of the Web portal company's business, appear to have fallen since the offer was made at the end of January. At the time, Microsoft's cash-and-stock offer was valued at $44.6 billion, or 62 percent above Yahoo's market value. Judging by Friday's closing share prices, the deal is now worth just under $41 billion.

Yahoo's board formally rejected Microsoft Corp.'s bid in February, saying it undervalues the company.

Since then, the Silicon Valley company has explored alliances with Google Inc., News Corp.'s and Time Warner Inc.'s AOL, but no alternative to Microsoft's offer has surfaced. More Details>>