Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Managed Hosting

Without doubt Managed Hosting is not a novel idea, but it is a growing development among large corporations. A rising amount of these organizations are evolving from their traditional web hosting to managed hosting. The reasons are because these organizations are aware of the advantages that managed hosting can provide. Some of the benefits are:

- Multiple and simultaneously computers updates and upgrades
- Up-time permanently
- Speed server and processing time increasing
- Security increasing
- User browsing control
- Time and money savings

These Managed services can significantly improve the operational effectiveness and security of a large corporation’s website.
Corporations that use managed hosting do not share their digital space with users outside of its network, because a dedicated server is used in its own data centre. It ensures that only trusted users have access to their network reducing the activity risk that can harm the online business success.

The benefits of Managed hosting for large companies can be massive. Most significantly, it ensures that the site should never experience any down time because of the uniqueness of the server. My final recommendation is if you have a managed hosting service you should make sure to check if it they are PCI compliant or not.