Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ubuntu Next Version : Edgy Eft Beta Released

The next version of the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution was released called as, Edgy Eft will include bleeding-edge Linux technologies, with many of the packages expected in Edgy to be beta themselves. There is quite big change in Ubuntu starting from their startup services. Checkout their feature lists. It is been planned to released on October 2007.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Upgraded Google Reader

I have the habit of reading news and articles on the internet. But, its annoying to go and search in all the websites and finding the informatiion. That way I started using Google Reader, It will take the RSS feeds from the sites you are interested and display in the single place. The user interface for Google Reader was not good and user friendly. So, I don't use it often but I expected the upgraded version in the near feature. Yes, Google has upgraed it and the new version looks lot more than what i expected. If you have the habbit of searching hottest topics in the internet, this web application is made for you. Try this GoogleReader>>

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sharing option in Google Notebook

This week Google Notebook team has added few more interesting features into it. From its beginning they are doing very good work by adding more features to this application.

The recent features are :
2.Improved drag and drop
3.Trash and undo

In the above three, I like the first one. We can share our notes with everyone and same time work on the notes. It seems that google is adding this feature to all of their products. like in Google Spreadcheets,Writely,etc. I expect they will add chat facility also in the near feature as already exist in Spreasheets application.
Google Notebook>>