Thursday, July 05, 2007

Introduction to JavaFX

The JavaFX Scripting Programming Language (JavaFX) is a new family of Sun products based on Java technology and targeted at the high impact, rich content market.

JavaFX is a highly productive scripting language that enables content developers to create rich media and content for deployment on Java environments. JavaFX is a declarative, statically typed programming language. It has first-class functions, declarative syntax, list-comprehensions, and incremental dependency-based evaluation. It can make direct calls to Java APIs that are on the platform. Since JavaFX is statically typed, it has the same code structuring, reuse, and encapsulation features such as packages, classes, inheritance, and separate compilation and deployment units, that make it possible to create and maintain very large programs using Java technology. Using the JavaFX language it is possible to create GUI using swing GUI components. This document gives a description of the JavaFX programming full article