Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wipro launches Fit for Life for its employees

Wipro Limted launched Fit for Life, a comprehensive well-being programme for its employees, today.

"The objective of the programme is to evaluate and improve well-being,both physical and mental, quotient of employees as well as integrate all current well-being initiatives under the umbrella to strengthen it further", a Wipro release said.

Commenting on the initiative, Girish Paranjpe, joint CEO and Executive Director, Wipro Limited, said, "Employee well-being is of paramount importance to us. Fit for Life is yet another initiative in this direction. Companies need to have such initiatives as they will become hygiene factors in choice of employers in the future."

Some of the initiatives to be rolled out in the coming weeks are onsite health check camps across locations, promotion of healthy habits, anti smoking awareness campaign, stress management camps, meditation and yoga, various awareness campaigns on asthma and allergy, skin care, headache disorder and alcohol.

A study by PWC on well being across 32 companies globally states well being programmes adopted by campanies make them a more attractive place for people to work and improves employee engagement levels with the organisation apart from the primary benefit of increasing well being levels among employees, it said.


ranjan said...

See this article on wipro

Krishna said...

HI Ranjan,

The article writes about the common problem exists in all the IT services companies. It is difficult for a company to satisfy all the employees. Are you from wipro? It is not only for wipro, applicable to companies like Infy,TCS,etc. I welcome your opinion.


Vasanth Nagulakonda said...

Pl. visit Science & Technology in Future to learn about Wipro's 'Applying Thought' and reason for current job cuts globally.