Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mysore stands third among Tier III cities

Though there's a feeling that Mysore has lagged in advancing as a happening city over the last 3-4 years, here comes a morale-boosting report, which places Mysore third among the top 10 Tier III cities in the country in job offerings.

A study by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Assocham) reveals that Mysore ranked third with 11.08 percent of the share of jobs among the top 10 Tier III cities. Automobile, insurance, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and education were the top five employment-generating sectors. It is interesting to note IT does not figure in the top five sectors.

The first two of the 10 among the Tier III cities go to Ranchi with 13.80 and Mangalore with 11.60. Energy, construction, metals, electronics and telecom are the job growth areas in Ranchi while Mangalore lead in automobiles, insurance, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and education sectors like of Mysore.

After Mysore, the cities of Raipur, Udaipur and Aurangabad top the chart with fourth, fifth and sixth ranks respectively. Patiala, Jalandhar, Meerut and Vishakhapatnam occupy the last four places respectively.

Mysore is one of the four small cities, which provided maximum vacancies in the automobile sector. This expanding sector is speeding towards the small cities where two wheelers and low cost four wheelers are in high demand. Pondicherry, Aurangabad, Vishakhapatnam and Mysore were the four top Tier III cities in order.

The study says, of the 30 lead sectors that provided the maximum jobs to young aspirants between January and March 2008, financial services outpaced the IT sector in Tier II and Tier III cities.

The study titled ‘Job Trendz: Across Cities and Sectors' found that these tier II and tier III cities have cornered 18.5 percent and 21.5 percent share of the job space respectively. The high cost of manpower and capacity constraints in the big cities is pushing industry towards small cities for job creation

The study was based on the sample of 32,000 vacancies posted by around 3,500 companies in the national and regional dailies, journals and job portals during the three-month period.

A change in the job trend is observed in small cities while traditionally the maximum job openings used to be concentrated in IT sector, but in Tier II and Tier III cities, financial services have taken over it.

Mangalore lead the top three tier III cities followed by Pondicherry and Aurangabad by providing the highest job openings in finance related jobs. It led also in IT sector, which posted the second largest share of vacancies. The other two low-cost cities, which offered maximum job avenues, are Jalandhar and Aurangabad. Mangalore also led in FMCG sector over Amirtsar, Ranchi and Udaipur.