Saturday, June 07, 2008

Difference between SCWCD 5.0 and SCWCD 1.4?

Sun has recently announced SCWCD 5.0 exam and retired its previous version SCWCD 1.4. There is no major changes in the new version of the exam. It seems to be the marketing buzz created by sun just updating the exam number without changing many of the older objectives. So, one can prepare for the new exam using the existing books for SCWCD. Instead of updating the objectives, the questions pattern has changed. Previous exam versions checked for the concepts of the subjects which one can clear the exam by reading the book. But, the new version of the exam checks the indepth knowledge of the exam taker. This could be the major change because it needs deep understand on the concepts and also demands practical knowledge on the subject. The following are the key points to

consider difference between SCWCD 1.4 and SCWCD 5.0.

...First of all, the title of the exam is pure marketing fluff. The SCWCD5 exam has
nothing to do with Java EE v1.5. This exam (CX-310-083) is merely an update of
the old SCWCD exam (CX-310-081). No objectives were changed. The new exam is
solely based upon the J2EE v1.4 version of the serlvet (2.4) and JSP (2.0)
and JSTL (1.1) specs...

...So the new (updated) SCWCD5 exam is a mixture of old items and new items...

... new exam more "performance based" rather than "knowledge based"...

You chances of passing the SCWD5 exam with the current HFSJ is very good. The
new version of the book has a few topics that we forgot to include in the first
edition: dynamic attributes and the JSTL <out> tag


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