Monday, January 28, 2008

SOA Approach to Integration [ SOA Books ]

This book for architects and senior developers responsible for setting up Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) for intra-enterprise application integration (EAI) and inter-enterprise (B2B) integration focuses on process-centric SOA to integrate existing (legacy) applications and modern solutions, using new technologies: web services, XML, Enterprise Services Busses (ESBs), and Business Process Execution Language (BPEL). Application integration within and between businesses to make up-to-date information accessible almost anywhere is a difficult task that is growing in importance. This book shows how to best integrate applications developed in different architectures and programming languages on different platforms with modern e-business solutions, develop web services, and process and manage XML documents from the JEE and .NET platforms. It demonstrates how to use ESBs for service integration and BPEL executable business processes for service composition into business processes.

Amazon Reviews

This is a mediocre book that provides basic information but little of the insight that creates knowledge. As the title implies, it doesn't teach SOA in general, just how to approach application integration using SOA. Even in that, its treatment of the topic is reasonably accurate but superficial.

The book's six chapters are a reasonably logical overview of basic SOA and integration topics that finally culminates in the discussion promised by the book title.

The book demonstrates how SOA has risen in just a few years to a practical means of bolting together disparate online systems. Where these might have been coded and run with different languages and operating systems and web servers. Specifically, the book is concerned with the main choices out there these days. Java Enterprise Edition and Microsoft .NET. (Yes, Microsoft appears to be deprecating the ".NET" in some of its recent marketing, but for techies, that's still how we all refer to it.) Oh, it turns out there is a 3rd alternative, as the book is careful to point out. CORBA.

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