Saturday, January 26, 2008

Small companies in India think big

Much has been written about how the Nano from Tata Motors has changed forever the way India is perceived globally. Now after all the euphoria begins to subside, it’s time to ask some key questions. Is this the visible face of a wave of innovation that’s sweeping across India? And is India poised to become a hub for low-cost innovations for the world?

Ujwal Parghi would agree. As director of Shri Kamadhenu Electronics, the Anand-based company founded by seven young entrepreneurs with less than half a million rupees as seed capital, he’s been part of this wave. His firm has developed Akashganga, an automatic milk collection and accounting system that has made lives of dairy farmers in cooperatives, much easier.

What previously took over five minutes now gets done in just 30 seconds, saving dairy farmers from serpentine queues where they had to worry about their milk getting spoilt by the time it was measured. The machine incorporates a milk analyser that provides data on six parameters of milk simultaneously and helps monitor adulteration. read full story