Saturday, January 26, 2008

Google mulls setting up global data centre in Taiwan

The world's largest search engine operator, Google, is considering setting up its global data centre in Taiwan, Taiwan's Central News Agency (CNA) said on Saturday.

Steve Chen, the economics minister of Taiwan, on Friday confirmed that Google was mulling launching a centre in Taiwan for data storage. The ministry has reserved a piece of land in the Changpin Industrial Park in Changhwa, western Taiwan.

Taiwan will offer incentives, such as a discount on the land tax, to Google and ensure a stable electricity supply, Chen said.

According to CNA, Google has considered 18 locations outside the US, including Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, to build its data storage centre, but is leaning towards Taiwan.


Unknown said...

Google has tried to be a patriotic enterprise to the U.S. government by promising to set up its global data centre in Taiwan. This will give the U.S. a legitimate excuse to protect Taiwan openly from China's sudden strike to Taiwan in the name of protecting the very important American IT assets there. I am not surprised to see more of the U.S. giants such as Microsoft, etc. setting up more of their data centers (only hardware intensive but few personnel needed) in Taiwan. Taiwan, of course, would welcome them with open arms by offering any incentive they can possibly dream of. This is the priceless insurance for Taiwan's own protection and a sneaky as well as peaceful way for the U.S. to keep this most important "island-fleet" for a long, long while. It is a win-win situation for both U.S. and Taiwan. China of course does not like it, but what can you do? On the surface it only looks like the private business activities, not enough ground for China to call it a capital crime. UN will definitely throw it out of window if China dares to sream in UN.

Ken Young, a Yankee in Taiwan

Krishna said...

HI Ken,

Thank you for your comment. This is really more informative comment. I am not aware of the relationship between US govt and the Taiwan. Keep reading my blogs.