Tuesday, June 19, 2007

No wonder so many people are afraid of Windows Vista

A colleague from across the hall came into Tech Talk's offices one recent day to blow off steam. He said he had to unload on someone about his maddening experience with Vista, Microsoft Corp.'s new PC operating system.

He picked us because he somehow got it into his head that we have the slightest clue about computers, and Vista in particular.

This colleague admits below-average tech shrewdness. And he's not adventurous, purchasing gadgets only after they lose their cachet.

Nonetheless, about a month ago he decided to buy a fancy new laptop outfitted with Vista.

Most laptops in stores these days have one of Vista's nine editions already installed, so he had little choice. Our colleague bought a device containing Windows Vista Home Premium, the multimedia-friendly edition Microsoft wants most home PC users to have.

Three malfunctioning laptops later, our esteemed colleague is back where he started: shopping for a new computer. This time, he wants one without Vista.More>>