Friday, June 22, 2007

Introduction to Spring Web Framework

Today, the Principle of Inversion of Control has gained much popularity and Spring is a Light-Weight Framework that adopts this principle extensively for Building Java or J2ee Applications. In most of the times an Application never wants to gain access to all the services provided by the heavy-weight J2ee Container, but still will use it. In such a case, an Application can depend on the light-weight services provided by the Spring Framework/Container. How this is possible is detailed in brief in this article. Anyway Spring is not a complete replacment for J2ee Container. This article provides an Introduction over the Core features of the Spring Framework like how to Declare and Initialize Beans Declaratively, how to establish Dependencies among Beans etc. The later part of the article explores more on the various stuff available within the Bean Xml Configuration File along with plenty of sample snippets. read full article