Sunday, April 27, 2008

Looking for free images?

I have lost count of the number of sites that promise free graphics and then find that they don't exist when you visit the site. Many of these sites either link to other sites who promise free graphics or there are so many restrictions on the use of their images that it isn't worth bothering.

Well now there is a free site that really has free images and that is The graphics on this site are available for immediate download, there is no need to subscribe, there is no need to link back (although I do anyway with some of the pictures I use) and the terms of use are very simple. You can do whatever you want with the images except give away or resell them on sites similar to theirs

The site has thousands of free images which include photographs, backgrounds, logos, textures and much much more.

Give them a try I know that you won't be disappointed!


awocado said...

This site also contains free high resolution images. It does work and doesn't require any registration.