Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Take browser settings anywhere : Google Sync

One of my favorite tool from Google Labs is Google Sync. Synchronizing the browser setting across multiple computers. If you are moving around diiferent location and working on the different computers, you will get worry about the bookmarks,cookies,etc. which you have created in the previous location. When you install browser in the another computer you would think about is there any way to get all the browser settings to the newly installed browser. It seems google thinks in the same way. They releases Google Sync, a tool will save all the bookmarks,cookies,passwords,etc. in your browser. What you have to do is install it in your FireFox browser and login using GMail user id. Atpresent this feature is available only for FireFox. Whenever you login to the browser, Google Syn will update the bookmarks,cookies,etc, from the Google server.Start Sync>>