Friday, October 20, 2006

Coimbatore, India's rising IT powerhouse

When M Karunanidhi, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, handed over the documents for land in Coimbatore to Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro, and unveiled the model IT Park to be built in the city, a new chapter in the development of Tier-2 cities started in the state.

Accepting the documents, TCS CEO S Ramadorai said that a recent study by Indicus Analytics found Coimbatore to be the best city in South India for investment.

He added, "As a matter of fact, I was in Coimbatore recently, where I met with the student community, academia and businessmen. My experience was an eye opener. Engineering students quizzed me on financial markets while businessmen discussed with me at length on strategies of Google and IBM."

"There was a lot of energy and enthusiasm. The point I'm making is that there is a passionate, well informed and ambitious community of people. I saw a potential ecosystem in action," he added.

TCS has opened a software engineering lab in PSG College of Engineering in Coimbatore. TCS also has an Engineering Centre of Excellence especially for SMEs. By collaborating with small and medium enterprises, Ramadorai said, TCS would be unlocking the potential to bring their innovations to the world.More>>


Govar said...

Yeah everything abt IT and Coimbatore sounds so sweet... but its been sweet for a long time now. Hope something actually happens!

Krishna said...

Yes, New government will do something interesting. I heard wipro got land for new developement center in coimbatore.

Final_Take said...

The city should get promises from the IT companies to inveset in infrastructure before letting them to start big operations. Else Kovai will end up being another Bangaloru

macmohan said...

Coimbatore has lot of scope for improvement and opportunities are equally good for employers and employees. Coimbatore real estate prices are zooming high now. Lot of companies are just starting the search for space. Earlier the better!

vijay said...

yes it is good to have these developments here.but at the same time the small scale industries that are the backbone of the city should not be troubled


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