Friday, March 21, 2008

Apple patents 3D projection technology, hires Tom Cruise as top advisor

If you're getting tired of those flat, outdated, two-dimensional computer displays, you may be in luck. Apple, enticingly, has patented technology for simulated 3D projection, as uncovered by AppleInsider from a filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office back in September 2006.

This new breed of display hardware would employ autostereoscopy (ooooh) to produce three-dimensional images that can be viewed by multiple users without the need for stupid 3D glasses or headgear.

"Modern three-dimensional (3D) display technologies are increasingly popular and practical not only in computer graphics, but in other diverse environments and technologies as well," Apple said in the 25-page filing. "Growing examples include medical diagnostics, flight simulation, air traffic control, battlefield simulation, weather diagnostics, entertainment, advertising, education, animation, virtual reality, robotics, biomechanical studies, scientific visualization, and so forth."

Although there's no telling if or when this technology will actually surface, I can't help but imagine it leading to some serious Minority Report interface action, and that pretty much makes me drool.