Sunday, December 30, 2007

SCJP 1.6 - Buy 350+ Mock Questions


We have prepared 350+ mock questions for SCJP 1.6 exam. The questions from this
kit is spread over all the objectives. In additional we have prepared questions for the SCJP 1.6 topics NavigableSet, NavigableMap,Concole,GarbageCollection and Finalize method. These are the topics newly added to the SCJP 1.6 exam. You can buy this questions for JUST Rs.250 from the following link:

SCJP 1.6 Certification Kit


Krishna said...

SCJP 1.6 Mock Exam Questions

Rakesh said...

I am preparing for SCJP 1.6, 350+ mock questions which you are selling, are they collected from SCJP papers and do these questions get repeated?

satya said...

You can attend free SCJP Mock test on