Saturday, February 24, 2007

Coffee with ET: Premji & Murthy

How often have you seen the chairmen of Wipro and Infosys together? If at all, you can count that on the fingers of one hand. That, too, at very important events or on committees which cannot do without Mr Narayana Murthy and Mr Azim Premji.

How often have you seen the two sit down, either in private or public, for a cup of coffee and chat up. Not once until now. Not until ET got them to do that on a liesurely Sunday morning. The rest, as they say, is history.

We do not want to use adjectives, it was great, or any other devices that English language permits to describe how it went or what they discussed. We bring that extensively for you. If you are impatient to read what they said about the emerging global market place, competition, with others and, certainly, between them, opportunities for the country in many sectors, the admiration and respect they have for each other, you can go straight to the interview .More>>