Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Minglebox - Web 2.0 company in Bangalore

Minglebox Communications Private Ltd. is a start up in the internet and mobile space, founded by ex IIT/IIM alumni. The founders are marketing and technology professionals with varied experience in consumer goods, internet, telecom, financial services and IT industries across India and the US. The company aims to build internet and mobile consumer products for the next generation of Indian users. This is located in Bangalore.

Minglebox is in the process of setting up a world class technology team to build a set of highly scaleable web 2.0 based applications/platforms. They are looking to getting a couple or more high caliber techies from the Java world with an interest in building web2.0 technology.>>


Anjali said...

Hi Krishna,

It is interseting to read your vast knowledge on IT and verticals related to the same.. However my handicap is in understanding someone like minglebox and how can they stand to the challenge that they face as a social networking site against other networking site moguls in todays times.
At the risk sounding daft i would want to know your views as a fresh mind like yourself,to tell me that what can be the possible means for some one like minglebox to grow as a social networking sites.

Krishna said...

hi anjali,

i would agree with your view. It's very difficult for them to stand out in the crowd. apart from google or yahoo, recently home grown giant reliance has released new social networking site this is very interesting to see the new comers to this business. lets wait and see :)