Monday, December 26, 2005

AJAX - a puzzword from Web 2.0

Hello Friends,

I am here to talk about a new puzzword from internet, its called AJAX. AJAX stands for Asychronous Javascript and XML.I did few samples on AJAX to know how it works. Realy its amazing, the way its reloading the part of a page. I can say it will make a major change in the web development. To develope interent applications, AJAX gives the rich user interfaces and fast loading of pages.

Before writing about AJAX, i want to spell out few words on Web 2.0. When you talk about AJAX, you also have the reason to hear the term Web 2.0. The internet experts says that, we are in the second phase of internet era, so called Web 2.0. The first phase of the internet era is headed by Netscape and its outplayed by Microsoft with its InternetExplorer(IE). But this time Google tossed the coin in right side to take the control of internet users from Microsoft and Yahoo.

Lets move into the AJAX, its founded by Microsoft in the late nineties(1998) and they call it as ActiveX objects. Introduced in the Internet Explorer 5.0. Later this object is included in the modern web browsers Mozila,FireFox,Opera,etc. As it become more popular amoung web developers, Mr. Jesse James Garrett from is named it as AJAX. He is also called as the Father of AJAX.

The truth is AJAX is not an technology or framework. Its is all about a simple XMLHttpRequest object which is used for communicating to the server asychronously. Moreover, we can say it as Socket for communicating to the server. Learning AJAX is quite easy compare to other technologies. AJAX is combination of technologies : XML,Document Object Model(DOM),JavaScript,HTML,XHTML,DHTML.

Cool links to learn AJAX :